Why a Rubbermaid Storage Shed is Such a Great Choice

The word Rubbermaid always conjures up images of storage, so it’s no great surprise that Rubbermaid storage sheds are such a popular choice for when we need a bit more space to keep everything tidy. The only thing is, Rubbermaid have so many storage sheds to choose from. In this article I’ll try to simplify the options and help you choose the right one.

If you want extra big storage sheds space inside your home, then you’ll almost certainly want one of the modular storage sheds. For outside, you’ll likely be looking at something from the Big Max range.

The Big Max range of sheds come in 3 flavors. The smallest is Big Max Junior which is 6 foot by 3 foot. This is perfect if you just need somewhere to put your lawnmower, gardening equipment or garden tools. The middle shed is standard Big Max which measures 6 foot square and has 325 cubic feet of space. This is great for a large lawn mower, maybe some small step ladders or more garden tools. It will also take a shelf. The largest shed in the range is the Big Max Ultra. This one is almost small garage, it measures 6 feet by 10 feet and provides a huge 467 cubic feet of storage space. I’d say this will be more than enough room for your garden equipment or tools.

Every Big Max Rubbermaid shed is built to last. They all have a double walled construction which makes them strong and weather proof. They also have the Rubbermaid wall anchor system, so adding shelves is a breeze. For an outside storage container, Big Max sheds are difficult to beat.

If you need extra storage room inside your home, garage or a corner of your backyard, then a modular plastic storage shed might be a better choice.

Rubbermaid have a full selection, including their vertical storage sheds, horizontal storage sheds, and the split lid or slide lid sheds. Whichever size you need, you will find one to fit. You might want to take a look at the 3667 modular vertical shed. It’s especially useful because it has a set of double doors and an access ramp so you can wheel heavy items straight into the storage unit. You should be able to grab one of these for around $400.

One of the most popular sheds from Rubbermaid is the 3673 Double Deep Modular Vertical Shed. It has added room which enables outdoor items such as bicycles to easily sit inside. The 3752 Slide-Lid shed is a popular choice too. This one has an clever lid that slides all the way back so you can actually walk into the shed. This makes it easy for storing such things as bicycles, although it will be more suited to somewhere inside. Both of these sheds have a strengthened floor so you won’t have to worry about keeping heavy items in them.

Naturally, all of these Rubbermaid storage sheds are fully maintenance free and should last for years. It’s no surprise they have gained such a reputation. You can find most of the models I’ve mentioned online, so no need to delay, go find your ideal storage shed today.



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