Ways to Disinfect Dental Equipment

Dental units use a variety of methods to disinfect dental equipment. To ensure patients proper medical care, dental instruments needs to be cleaned and sterilised by methods and techniques that kills microbes that cause diseases.

New researches and technological advancements have resulted in many useful devices and equipment to sterilise and disinfect dental hard wire cutter instruments. There are many disinfectant sprays that can be sprayed on instruments to kill disease causing viruses. These disinfectants can be applied to counters, chairs, and other big dental instruments. This way, a dental unit can ensure that the clinical environment is safe and equipments are completely decontaminated for reuse. You might also need to employ liquid sterilisation agents to clean up sensitive equipment.

Employing machines like thermal washers/disinfectors, autoclaves or gas plasmas would be another good way to ensure complete dental hygiene. Using high end, yet easy to operate technology, these sterilising or decontaminating machines offer fast and complete disinfection of surgical and non surgical instruments. Autoclaves make use of steam and high temperature generated under high-pressure to disinfect while washers/disinfectors make use of higher flow of water and temperature to decontaminate. Gas Plasmas on the other hand can decontaminate a large number of dental instruments at a lesser temperature quickly and completely.

No matter what method you use, make sure that your surgical and non surgical instruments stay packed /stored according to manufacturer guidelines. Any error around the packaging/ storing can set you back another round for sterilisation.


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