Tropical Polynesian Hawaiian Party Ideas, Recipes, Decor

A Hawaiian party will make use of anything and everything Hawaiian these days. And considering the melding of polynesian, asian and american cultures with the native Hawaiian culture that can be a lot of unusual things.

Food is the grand affair at any party. An in Hawaii there is a lot of good and unusual food. If you are looking for something a little different than just the pineapple and roast pork dish you can try Spam Misubi.

This is a slice of Spam, yes spam, it is very popular in Hawaii, with a block of rice placed on top and held together with a strip of seaweed. This can make an excellent appetizer for guests and is relatively cheap.

As for party favors for the hawaiian party it is typical to give out leis to guests as they arrive. Leis are strings of flowers that can be made into a headdress or necklace. They Hawaiian Outfit For Men traditionally represent affection for guests and can be given for just about any occasion in Hawaii. Another party favor for guests to take home is the tiki. The tiki is usually a small carved figure of a man. Symbollically it represents the first man from many polynesian myths and legends.

To add to the flavor of Hawaii you can invite guests to come to the party wearing Hawaiian shirts. These original flowered button ups came into being during WWII and were very popular among the service men. They have been a symbol of Hawaii and the tropics ever since.

The décor should be tropical. Try dragging in some potted palms and big green leafy frond plants to create a jungle atmosphere. If your party is outdoors you can light some torches, if they happen to be citronella all the better for keeping mosquitos away. An indoor party can make use of decorative lights that can be bought in many local stores.



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