Top 5 Social Media Mistakes That Might Be Costing You Your Rankings In The Game

It is hard to imagine a lifestyle without getting on a variety of social media platforms – tweeting, liking, and commenting on various profiles. They have become an integral part of life. Professionally, this media has made it possible for incredible opportunities to be opened up for people. Networking and connecting now has a never before modern edge. However, as a SEO professional you might not even realize some of the very common social media errors that might be hampering your website ranks. With a look at these top five mistakes that have been explained below, you can audit your social media campaigns and improve your status remarkably.

Irregular posts – lack of a well planned campaign

This very common error even afflicts most startup companies. Even the big brand banners have been known to make this particular mistake. This campaign is vastly different from just posting random status messages or tweeting cute comments. You have to be diligent about increasing your customer outreach, your brand awareness and finding newer social media influencers to connect. You must use a spreadsheet or document your media campaign so that you have a routine about it fifamobilemodapk pro.

Putting comment answering on hold – irregular maintenance of profiles

If you get comments from your followers, you need to be responsive back. You cannot expect your comment threads or followers to grow without returning some love on this media. You must also follow your competitors and followers profile and sometimes leave comments on their pages. Use every advantage you can get to become more involved.

Lack of competitor auditing

Currently, Facebook allows you to audit five competitor pages to keep a track of the trend that they are following. This is another of the advantages that can help you get ahead of your social media game. Most companies miss the trends and the edge of creativity because they do not follow the competition’s efforts. In addition, your niche players can be your biggest teachers in terms of what to avoid and what to continue with. As it is a continuous process one need to keep learning all the time.

Lack of using crucial elements specific to each social media platform – the circles, hash tags, and banner photos

Each social network has their unique elements. Twitter has hash tags, Google+ has the circles option, and the LinkedIn banner photo is another feature that makes it an advanced tool for professionals and companies to showcase themselves. You have to know when to limit the uses and when you are not using enough of them. Consolidated reports of this media for all channels of your digital marketing can help you understand these trends better.



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