Three Main Principles When Trying to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

To eat, or not to eat: that is the question, or “what are the foods that burn fat?” and “what are the best fat burning exercises?”

We ask these questions when buttoning the jeans becomes a challenge and the reflection in the mirror does not elevate out self-esteem at all. After a year or maybe years of unhealthy lifestyle we hope to lose all that gained weight, cellulite and to burn that ugly belly fat in several weeks by following a strict diet, not eating after 6 p.m. and running for hours every day.

How long do you manage to live like that? A week, a month, a couple of months, and then? Very often these quick and unplanned actions lead to failure because of the following common mistakes people make when trying to burn fat fast:

Common Mistakes

– Too extreme calorie intake reduction leading to metabolism slowdown.
– Starving, which again leads to metabolism slowdown and bad mood.
– Having no clear goal or plan.
– Hoping for fast results, relying on pills that burn fat and so-called Ketosis fat-burning supplements only, that finally leads to disappointment and returning to unhealthy lifestyle again.
– The goal is unrealistic or there are just too many goals at the same time.
– Having no clear understanding why it is necessary to eat and train in a certain way (lack of relevant education).
– Motivation loss and too many excuses.

I would like to mention one more reason why you may not be successful at living a healthy lifestyle. Your friends or family might tell you that you look great at any size and you want to believe them. And yes, you start persuading yourself that if you are beautiful inside – some extra pounds and cellulite do not matter.

But they do matter because unattractive body lowers your self-esteem and chances to be happy every day. That is why is it very important to understand that you need to change something, to listen to yourself, to get rid of that cellulite, burn stomach fat and lose that extra pounds in order to become attractive, confident and beautiful not only inside, but also outside.

How to Start a Successful Weight Loss Program

The best way to burn fat and lose extra weight, undoubtedly, is the combination of the following three vital elements:

1. Your goal and strong motivation that move you forward and keep you on track during difficult periods.
2. Sensible eating behaviour based on your goal and training plan.
3. Regular training to lose body fat more efficiently, speed up metabolism, sculpt a fit body and improve both physical and mental health.

Prepare Your Mind First

You have to understand and to remind yourself of the reason why you need to lose fat, why you want to become and stay slender, good-looking and healthy.
It is not a secret that beautiful and confident people achieve what they want much easier. You can also become one of these people, just think what new opportunities will appear when you lose weight! Maybe someone special will look at you in a different way. Maybe your future employer will be charmed with your confidence, professionalism and good looks. So many doors can open as soon as you learn to control your eating behaviour and change your bad habits into good ones.

Eating Behaviour When Trying to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Very often the biggest problem of the overweight people is not the wrong food (however, this plays a crucial role as well), but overeating in general. Too large portions give us much more calories, much more energy than our body requires every day.

Your body will never burn fat for energy if you constantly supply and oversupply it with nutrients, even the healthy ones.

It is impossible to lose weight if you consume more than you spend – you have to memorize it.

Regular Training

Regular training increases our energy expenditure, meaning, you burn more calories daily if you train. When lowering your daily calorie intake, exercising helps you keep your metabolism level high, which is very important for successful weight loss. During a correctly built training you burn extra fat and build muscle which makes your body look fit, healthy and attractive.

There is no best exercise to burn fat and to lose weight, however, there are various techniques and approaches to training, and you need to learn how to use them in order to get rid of cellulite and extra fat faster.

Regular training doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym every day or running every morning. Everyone is different and what works for your friend might not work for you, and vice versa.

It is important to start moving more in general and try to incorporate both cardio and weight workouts into your weight loss program. Finding excuses and giving up is the easiest and the worst thing you can do to yourself and to your success both in wellness and life in general.


Find your motivation, set a clear goal, and write it down, think about the steps you will have to make in order to reach this goal. Imagine how amazing you will feel and look like when you accomplish this goal!

It is a good idea to find a photo where you really like the way you look like, and put it on the fridge or any other place, for example, make it your desktop picture! Alternatively, you can decide which famous person’s body is similar to what you wish to achieve, find his or her picture and print it out, this will help you stay focused and motivated.



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