The Toxic Burden of Modern Technology

The government should be concerned about the toxic burden of modern technology. As the world improves its development profile, we are beginning to see some problems that were never prevalent in the past because of the increased use of advanced modern technology that do not necessarily improve the environment in which we live. Those that have pointed out this fact have been derided as environmental nuts and left wing zealots. However the reality is that there is the need to consider the toxic burden of modern technology. This is because our quality of life is determined by more than just the goods that we can make and consume within a given period of time.

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at the blood samples of people in the United States of America, they found that many children and adults made up to one hundred and seventy different toxins within their body. What was absolutely shocking was that many of these toxins were industrial rather than organic. Dioxin was found to be a particular problem within this group and it is not surprising that it will feature very heavily in any possible campaigns for better outcomes. What this tells us is that a developed country such as the United States of America is really beginning to feel the heat on the toxic burden of modern technology. The strategy has to be about reducing the incidence of toxins amongst the general population.

It has been found that chemical toxins have a method of lodging in fatty cells and then waiting until they can be activated. If nothing is done about them, they can stay there for a very significant amount of time. Consequently they are able to react with DNA material in the body and thus causing problems within the health of the individual. They might also exhaust the immune system which will be trying to fight them all the time with very limited success indeed. It really is not a recipe for good health to have the toxins lodging within one’s body. When we talk of the toxic burden of modern technology, these are the types of things that can come out and cause some problems. Therefore the government has to take serious steps to reduce the human exposure to dangerous toxins that lurk in the atmosphere.

In the pursuit of commercial interests we often forget the toxic burden of modern technology. Companies are allowed to build industries within residential areas yet they do not take sufficient steps to ensure the health of the residents. The only time they get flustered is when there is a serious disaster that threatens their profits. This is all done with the tacit agreement of the government which does not want to rock the boat or change the way that they are delivering services to the general public. In working with the toxic burden of modern technology, the government has to take a proactive approach to the issue.


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