The Advantages of Training in Windows Server 2008

Training in a Windows server technology is bound to get you a well earned job in I.T. After all, most private businesses, public sector and third sectors use windows technology in their day to day running. Knowing the ins and outs of Windows servers is a skill that is prized among all sectors, as the need and use of technology becomes greater and greater.

Nearly twenty years ago, Microsoft introduced their first version of their now popular server. It has since then continued to transform and adapt to small and large business needs, creating several versions which are tailored to the business’s size and requirements.

Currently they are two versions of Windows (Microsoft) servers implemented, the 2003 Server and 2008 Server. They are both fairly common in large to small businesses, however, most businesses will be upgrading to 2008 version in the next few years, which is obviously as a later version more advanced and in tune with current technologies.

2003’s version saw a massive upgrade from 2000’s Windows Server, as it had a variety of more comprehensive functions and options. One of the major advantages was the improvement on security options, which were created in consequence of an increased awareness of security risks. An increased number of group policies and an automated system recovery function, gave the 2003 Windows Server that much needed boost it needed. Taking 2003’s version as a server role model, Microsoft have utilized all the benefits of 2003’s server and further improved upon them. Windows Server 2008 has several advantages over its predecessor, including:

-Reduced power consumption,
-Improved memory management,
-More capabilities as a server yet easier management,
-Improved management of data abilities, and
-Enhanced network security.

2008’s server has drastically improved upon 2003’s Windows Server, giving you more power over management, increasing capabilities whilst keeping you secure and watching your power consumption. Overall, it is more powerful and efficient than ever before, making it one of those technologies you will need to learn to further advance your expertise’s and your career. It will enable you to complete your work as an I.T expert more efficiently, with more power and control.


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