Novelty Buttons and the World of Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a malleable medium that lends itself to artistic projects that yield fascinating designs. Historically, use of this clay has only been used as an art medium for a few decades, whereas many other media have been around for centuries. Artists have yet to discover the depths of polymer clay’s versatility.

Poly clay comes in a wide variety of colors that enable an artist to produce a variety of effects that can be subtle or intricate. Mediums such as glass produce beautiful results, however, glass can be difficult to work with. Clay, on the other hand, is very forgiving. Poly clay can be easily blended, it doesn’t dry out, and after baking, it will hold its form.

Aside from creating art, another great use of polymer Findings nz is to make more practical items such as novelty buttons for sewing. Often when completing a sewing project you arrive at the last step – the buttons – and come to an abrupt halt. You realize you don’t have the right button. What you have is the wrong size, shape, or color. The wrong button can totally diminish the look of your sewing or craft project. In fact, my sister won’t even purchase fabric without first locating the perfect buttons.

We’ve found that poly clay buttons can solve the dilemma. If you are asking how, the answer lies in the clay. By using this type of clay, buttons can be crafted in any color, shape, or size that you need them to be! Novelty buttons made from polymer clay are not only functional, the buttons themselves can be a work of art, worthy of any sewing or craft project.



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