Making Use of Your Favorite Photograph For Girls First Birthday Photo Invitations

If you are putting your creativity at test, then you might first need to choose a favorite photograph of your girl. Many parents have their babies taken to professional photographers since they have knowledge on how to capture the right image of babies in their natural environment. In addition to this, they also have software and tools that can enhance the quality of the photographs and make them look clearer and brighter.

Once your favorite photograph is ready, you can have copies of it taken from your printer. You can even go in for multiple photos of your baby girl. These photos can be of her in a beautiful dress, her first step, her first bath and many more. You might need to make a guest list so that you know how much copies of the photos are required for the 1st birthday photo invitations.

If you do not have time to make copies you can take the assistance of online photo processors. Over here choose the favorite photograph of your child and upload them on to their websites. These online processors will automatically make the required changes and will deliver the desired copies right at your doorstep.

Now that the copies have be made, it is time to create the first birthday photo invitations cards. For this, you might need pink, purple, lavender, rose colored paper and colored pens. You can even purchase glitter glue or powder to give the invitations a shiny look. Start by cutting out the paper in the shape of the number 1. You can first do a trial on scratch paper and use this as a guide for the final colored paper.

Coming to the wordings, you can create a special saying announcing the guests of your baby girl’s first birthday. Simple wordings like “Finally Am 1 and It’s Going To Be Fun” can be used on the baby birthday invitations. The number 1 can be decorated in the shape of a candle. You can either have them written below the favorite photo of your girl or on the insides of the card.

If you want to make the photograph more decorative, you can have a draw a bubble caption near your baby girl’s mouth as if she is shouting out the words “Am 1”. This is sure to catch the eyes of the guests. In addition to this, you can even stick cute dolls, Minnie mouse, teddy bears around the favorite photo giving it a more appealing appearance. You can even tie pink ribbons on the top and bottom of the 1st baby photo invitations.

So you see how by choosing your favorite photograph of your little princess and convert a simple birthday invitation into a unique one. Make sure you save these first birthday photo invitations so that you can show off your creative skills to her when she grows up. She will love you for this and will cherish this memory forever.

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