Making the Best Out of Wedding Caricature

Weddings are memorable moments any married couples would love to treasure. The common practice nowadays is to go to a wedding studio, get your pictures taken, and you will have albums of portraits of you and your loved one. Instead of doing something so conventional, you can try getting your very own wedding caricature done to depict the moment. It’s not only a fun way of keeping the memory; caricatures stand out amidst your photos.

You can also get creative with your invitation cards and gifts. Instead of getting something out of the sample stand, you can put the art into the cards and gifts. Your guests will be delighted to receive something so different, and so remindful of the occasion. And just to add humor to the occasion, you can get your wedding caricature framed up at the entrance of the occasion. Your guests will be thankful, and better, have a good laugh if they figured that they didn’t set foot into the wrong party as they compare their invitation card caricature with the framed one. It never hurts to light their hearts up before they step in.

You might also be interested in acquiring the services of a caricature artist during your caricaturist London. You and your guests can get them to draw your individual caricature, or as a group. You might want to get your artists to draw their pictures at the reception area, where people sign in to enter. While it makes a great entertainment to see each of your features to pop up, it also helps people break the ice as they compare their caricatures with one another. Nevertheless, they make great memento for anyone.

Another thing you could do is to make your caricatures into comics. You could get the service of a caricature artist to draw out the journey you and your spouse had gone through together. It could begin with how you and your spouse met, to how the two of you became a couple, up to the wedding proposal, and then the day itself. Make it into a book for everyone to see, or put it up on the slideshow, it will put a smile not only on your faces, but also on the faces of your guests.

Imagine your wedding day. Now imagine how your guests are smiling throughout the wedding. Now, isn’t that a sight to remember? You can make it possible with your very own wedding caricature.


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