Magazine Street – An Irresistible Shopping Getaway

Located just minutes away from downtown New Orleans is Magazine Street, the perfect shopping getaway with a cluster of splendid antique stores, craft shops, art galleries and boutiques. This six mile long shopper’s paradise runs from Canal Street to Audubon Park and displays some of the finest collections of artwork. Magazine Street provides its visitors a multitude of treasures which makes this an irresistible shopping destination with a robust ambiance.

The street acquires its name from an old warehouse built in 1780’s by the Spanish governor Esteban Rodriquez Mirey Sabater and with development of trade, the region was converted into a prominent mercantile area. Magazine Street was the result of the transformation that took place and the progression of its architecture can clearly be identified due to the unique blend of buildings ranging from Greek Revival Style to the vibrant Victorian cottages. Some of the affordable antique shops can be located at the very beginning of the street but the most enticing feature of the area within Canal Street to Jackson Avenue is Aidan Gill’s For Men, an old fashioned Barber shop supply offering an exquisite array of features. Magazine Street has a unique charm for everyone to look forward to such as Pippen’s Lane for children and Petcetera, with its array of lavish items for pets. An assortment of restaurants offering a diverse selection of cuisine can be found at this hearty shopper’s refuge as well as many hip night clubs and entertainment venues. Byblos is one such must see restaurant with a distinct Mediterranean flair while Monkey Hill Bar has an astounding selection of wine and drink.

What Magazine Street is mostly renowned for is its dazzling antique, furniture and art creations and these can be experienced at its finest, at venues such as the Aesthetics and Antiques, Antiques Magazine, Bella Nola, Audubon Antiques, British Antiques and Country at Heart. A unique shopping experience awaits those who visit the city of New Orleans and a number of hotels in New Orleans provide easy access to this prominent attraction.



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