Ingredients for a Loyal Client in Real Estate Sales

Every Real Estate agent dreams of the loyal client. What do you do to actually achieve this dream? Is it too much to ask for them to appreciate the time and energy you exert to take care of them? All too often, that client is off to the races listing or buying a home when you least expected it with someone else.

What are they thinking when they call to “give you the good news” confessing their betrayal expecting you to be happy for them?

Real Estate clients range in their level of loyalty. What is it that makes them so volatile instead of just being a loyal client? They certainly expect you to be Johnny on the spot for all of their needs and loyal to them as well.

Here are the 9 top reasons clients will be loyal to you…

    1. It’s not all about the money. Even if you offer low rates thinking this is the answer to more transactions, it is not. The value the client is getting is far more important than a few bucks. In real estate sales, we know that our earnings are the first to be placed on the chopping block. But, what if your client protected you from paycheck attack because the value you provided was far and away greater than mere money? Being a trusted real estate adviser who offers the insight the client needs into the market trends guiding them to transaction success is what they need in a professional. Your local board of Realtors will help you be a resource leader. There are many others.
    2. Do you look Hungry for a deal? If a client can see the need or smell the scent of your desperation, then it’s time to realize you won’t get anywhere with them. You have to develop a “servant’s” attitude to help them get suburb service, advice, and put their best interest first. The best real estate agents like to solve problems for their clients, are really driven to help them have a great experience, and get what they want. A good real estate agent runs their business professionally and doesn’t bend back and forth to fit differently for every client they work with. Clients respect confidence and despite the fact they do not respect hungry, they do respect confidence and a take charge agent. Do it this way and the money will always follow.
    3. Do you have a web presence? Maybe a blog? Does it look like 1998 or is it kept up to date and current? Is there any content activity that makes it look like you are a resource today as well as being actively engaged? Are consumers following you? Does anyone ask for advice? Your website or blog site needs to be easy to use and clearly niched. The consumer will get easily confused if you don’t have a clear message about who you are and what you do.
    4. A Mission or Purpose. What do you stand for? Every worthwhile company has a Mission or Purpose Statement. If you don’t, then you are just waiting in line for the next prospect that wants to use you. Have a clearly stated Mission/Purpose statement that flows into everything you do. Include it consistently on everything the consumer touches. They will understand your purpose and know you mean business and respect you for it.
    5. Social Presence. Do you utilize social media, networking groups, clubs, neighborhood functions, church gatherings, etc.? The list could go on and on. Social presence is having a name for yourself that is consistent and with a positive reflection. You have to live what you stand for in everything you do Estate liquidation. Be consistent and don’t waver. Testimonials in both written and live video showcase that you are worth the extra look. People want to follow those that others want to follow. Social proof that is positive are some of the most effective strategies for getting people to listen and follow you.
    6. The ego is everything. Do you know your client target? You certainly don’t want to work with people you don’t like or feel comfortable with. If you want to have a very strong attraction to others, then you will need to identify your target clients down to preferably the last detail and craft ads and emails that match their goals, aspirations, and problems they need solving. It’s easier to fill a demand then create one.
    7. Stop Selling. Educate. Provide an educational autoresponder, monthly newsletter, drop an email when you see a value article to share, and make sure they know you are their resource for even the new local restaurant that just opened up, the neighborhood sitter, or the best local vet.
    8. Think out of the box. Do you like surprises? Well, so do those you know. When was the last time you sent out a handwritten thank you or thinking of you note. Just a thoughtful voicemail reminding them you just drove past a place that reminds you of them is thoughtful. They will certainly start to think about you more which is what you want in a meaningful lasting relationship.
    9. The Personal Touch. Real Estate Sales is ALL about Relationships. Sales are always more effective with existing relationships and when you have already provided value. Value can be as simple as being a neighbor or a friend. The value provided takes on many shapes and sizes. Start with those you already know. Can you imagine making yourself so valuable that they make sure you know their friends?

Personalized service is paramount in achieving lifelong relationships. Providing invaluable education will cause you to be needed. Building relationships takes a while, but if you learn to follow up consistently the rewards will be in larger paychecks and greater satisfaction for you by the achievement of loyal clients.

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