How to Help Your Child Choose a Sport

Sports and kids; the two go hand in hand. But when faced with specific sports, how are parents and kids to decide? For example, when school starts back up, it won’t be long before there are football games to attend. Then it’s basketball in the winter. Springtime gives you soccer, baseball, and swimming. With all the options and only so much time, how do you know what kids sports to sign your child up for?

I guess the first and most important thing you need to find out is if your child is even interested in sports. If they aren’t, then it’s probably best not to force them into doing anything they don’t want to do, especially if it’s to relive your own past or current interests. The child needs to have an interest to begin with, otherwise, they’ll not only resent the sport, but also you for making them play it. I suppose that if your kids aren’t interested in sports, you could probably stop reading this article, or better yet, find another one that interests you. But for the parents who have to deal with this conundrum, we shall continue. So, if your kid shows interest in children’s sports, you should try to find out which ones and why. Their answers may surprise you. Dependent on the age of your child, options may be slightly limited. For example, Elementary schools have less sport opportunities compared to high school, especially when it comes to kids team sports. However, there should be ample opportunity to register them in local sport leagues such as pee-wee football, dancing, swimming, soccer, little league baseball or possibly basketball to name a few. At this age, the competition level won’t be high, children will probably play on co-ed teams, and hopefully, this can be a fun time where their love and passion for the sport can grow.

Once you ask your child which sport they would like to try, you can then enroll them to play. Because participation in kids team sports or individual sports is quite time intensive, usually involving both games and practice, it may be best to have your child pick and rank their favorite seasonal sports. By doing this your child can try a variety of sports without it being too detrimental to their school work or your schedule.

As you kids move into higher grades, the opportunity for your children to participate in sports will increase. The amount of children’s sports offerings is vast and will provide quite a few opportunities for both boys and girls to pursue their ambitions. The usual kids sport offerings in high school include but aren’t limited to football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, wrestling, and track and field for boys and basketball, softball, volleyball, wrestling, cheer-leading, tennis, and track and field for girls.

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