House Selling Online and Other Property Marketing Options

Private home sales websites are growing in popularity. They can offer you a much broader audience than that which is offered through traditional estate agents’ advertising channels. Most of these websites will let you to upload your property photos as well. A photo can significantly boost your chances of realising a private home sale, sell my house fast st.louis so make sure you capitalise on this. A private home sales website charges will charge advertising fees typically ranging from £30 to just under £100.

A good private home sales website will supply you with professionally designed house sale board. This will save you about £30.

Calculating private house sell fee savings

When you’re selling your house privately, you’ll want to check what you stand to gain financially from managing the whole process yourself. Make sure the website provides you with a calculator which lets you work out the fees saved. This savings calculator will show you what savings you will make whether you’re planning to sell a house privately.

Advertising a home other than online…

Other options you might like to try in addition to online methods include newspaper and leaflet advertising. Here are some tips for these two options.


  • Choose a good quality local newspaper which features a comprehensive property section
  • Make sure you use a photo if you can
  • Spend time making the newspaper advert look appealing in both text and photo
  • If you decide to invest in a leaflet, you could try and do this at home on your computer or for around £40-50 you can get a leaflet printed on an ink jet printer. All you need to do is give a printing company your text and photo(s) to work with.


Newspaper adverts can cost anywhere from £4 to £15 per line. Look out for discounts for featuring the ad on two different weekdays.

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