Beware: Purchasing Facebook Fans Will Kill Your Fan Page!

When you purchase fans or likes for your Facebook fan page, you can be sure your number of fans goes up, but that’s about it. The thing with buying fans is that this will not help you to build a successful fan page. Even worse: you will probably turn out to be in more trouble than you were before, since you’re killing your Edgerank score.

Facebook uses your Edgerank score to determine if your fan page content is good enough to show to other Facebook users. The more interaction you have on your fan page (likes, shares, comments), the higher your Edgerank score will be, and the more people will be able to see your updates in their newsfeed.

Facebook is not like Twitter: you have to demonstrate that your posts deserve to get shown to your followers.

If only a small percentage of your fans are interacting with your updates, your Edgerank score will go down. This causes Facebook to think that the content you are sharing is not good enough for people to read it, and as a result, your posts will only be shown in a small number of newsfeeds – which will make the number of likes, shares and comments even smaller.

Buy Facebook Accounts fans simply adds numbers to your page. These purchased fans are not targeted, and they will probably don’t care about your page. After liking your page, they will generally click the ‘hide story’ button, so they won’t see your updates. Most of these purchased fans aren’t even real people; we’re talking about fake accounts, robots, or even accounts that were hacked simply to like fan pages. Your updates will be marked as spam the moment they appear, which can eventually lead to the closure of your page or entire account.

You really need to avoid such fake fans, they will take your Edgerank score to the rock bottom, and simply kill your page.

As an alternative to buying fans, you should concentrate on getting real fans – real people who will interact.

Here are some tips on how to increase your genuine fan base:

  • Share unique, quality content that people want to share. (Video- and photo posts get the most interaction.)
  • Ask questions and set up polls.
  • Run a (timeline) giveaway: give away a valuable freebie in exchange for a like.
  • Set up a contest and offer a prize that is relevant to your page topic.
  • Share your fan page updates on your personal timeline.
  • Keep the interaction going. Always reply to your fan’s comments.
  • Post useful comments on related pages and join conversations in groups.
  • Run Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Add a Facebook like box to your website.

Getting real fans who are willing to interact with your updates takes time and effort, but will be worth it in the long run. Don’t go for the numbers, because that will kill your page, and will let all your efforts go to waste. Don’t opt for the simple way, because it is a shortcut to self-destruction.


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