Acupuncture Treatments – Does Acupuncture Treatment Really Work?

A lot of my close personal friends want to know this but they deem acupuncture as one of those holistic remedies for hippies because their insurance plans don’t cover it fully. I understand this concern of theirs and at one point I kind of agreed with the sentiment that If it’s not covered it’s not a legitimate medical treatment.

However, there was a time when I was on vacation and nowhere near my hometown doctor and I had some severe back pain.  The concierge at the hotel we were staying at saw me in pain and recommended me to her fiance who was an acupuncturist and had an office half a mile away.

I called him up right away, and made an appointment for the next morning at 8:30 in the morning.  As I walked into his office hunched over with pain, and my son following me with a fistful of toys, we got down to business.  He did some probing of muscle areas, and frankly, I felt better just by lying down on a properly cushioned, ergonomic table.

He started the acupuncture Frozen Shoulder treatment with probing of muscle tissue to ascertain where the muscle inflammation was, and where the pain was coming from.  Sometimes with back pain, where you feel the pain doesn’t always mean that’s the source of the pain, since the pain gets “localized”, meaning that the source of the pain is deeper within the body, but gets made evident via inflammation on places closer to the skin layer.

So his probing found out where the pain was coming from and he started the real acupuncture treatment with these tiny little needles.  As he was inserting these tiny needles, he had some soft music playing and I almost fell asleep.  That right there should prove to anyone that these needles are going to be felt when they’re inserted and the whole treatment has a very relaxing element to it.


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